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Smith Creek New Zealand Products


One of the coolest products that I have is the Smith Creek Net Holster. I did a review on it a while back and it’s one of those pieces of gear that has stood the test of time and abuse on the water. Smith Creek New Zealand is always looking to fill a nitch or […]

Arizona Fly Fishing: Scouting for Brown Trout


I called Zach up earlier in the week to see if he could squeeze away for a day to run up north and do a bit of exploring on one of the creeks. I am always interested in new country figured with the weather holding steady for the past week or two, trout would be eager […]

Fly Fishing Arizona – Upper Lake Mary Pike


I headed up on Saturday with my good friend Jason to chase some pike around Upper Lake Mary. It was my first time chasing pike and it was an excellent opportunity to find the rhythm of the 8 weight for an upcoming Pyramid trip. It was a beautiful day that started slow, but I was able to […]

Fly Fishing Arizona: Bright Angel Creek


My wife and I hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon to stay at Bright Angel Campground for two nights. This gave me the perfect opportunity to explore and fish Bright Angel Creek. We made our way down the South Kaibab Trail and made it to the campground around 1:20 in the afternoon. After […]

Arizona Fly Fishing: Snow Covered


Found some time to make it up north to wet a line. It was later in the morning by the time Antonio and I hit the water. It was a beautiful day with quite a bit of snow on the banks and in the woods. The water was a bit off color, but I hooked […]

Fly Tying: Pyramid Lake Tadpole


Gearing up for my upcoming fly fishing trip to Pyramid Lake in search of some big Lahontan cutthroat trout, I kept running across the Pyramid Lake Tadpole fly pattern. The Pyramid Lake Tadpole is a fairly simple pattern and can be tied up in a number of different color variations. The Pyramid Lake Tadpole is typically fished […]

Book Report: The View from Coal Creek


I follow and read a good number of blogs from around the country. I typically follow these blogs for the photography, tying tutorials, fishing reports or a good story. Arguably one of the most well fly fishing written sites on the web right now is Mysteries Internal by Erin Block. So when Erin put together […]

Fly Fishing Arizona: A winter afternoon


I had a great morning at the Payson Fly Caster meeting swapping fishing stories and talking about small streams. The guys and gals in that club are involved in a number of different conservation projects here in Arizona, and I was honored to be invited up to their club for the day. After the meeting […]