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Rambling Review – Cortland Trout Boss Fly Line

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Rambling Review – Cortland Trout Boss 5 Weight Fly Line Why: I am an average fly fisherman with a marginal cast. I need all the help I can get. Enter the new Cortland Trout Boss line. First impressions: The specifications –  The Trout Boss is a weight forward line with a total head length around 62ft. For […]

Fly Fishing Arizona – Heaven on Earth


There’s not much to really say as the photos do most of the talking. I left home at 2:30 and met Antonio before heading up north. We hiked in early and found some willing fish to rise to foamy hoppers. Things are definitely slowing down from a few weeks ago and I think the high […]

Hobo Dinners: Arguably the greatest outdoor meal ever…


Hobo Dinner was one of my favorite meals as a kid. On my birthday this summer, my mom asked what I wanted to have for “birthday dinner.” The answer was pretty easy to come up with. My favorites blend: Start with a base layer of bacon. Add hamburger, potatoes, onion, carrotts, corn, bell peppers, garlic salt, […]

Fly Fishing New York: The Ausable River


Our trip back to New York this summer was focused on putting a new roof on my mom’s house. Between the 12 hour days and the school year looming ahead, I had my doubts as to wether I was going to have the opportunity to get in any fishing at all before we had to […]

Fly Tying: Little Stonefly Pattern


So I know that this pattern cannot be new, but unfortunately I don’t know a better name than “little stonefly pattern.” I was sitting down at the vise trying to tie just that – a little stonefly pattern and out came this. I fished these on the Ausable River back in New York and did […]

Fly Fishing New York: Adirondack Brook Trout


While back in New York, the roof project took up most of my time as we worked 6 days a week and most time finished up about dark. On Sunday we all took a break, and after a heavy rain had soaked the thirsty soil, I opted to use what little energy I had left […]

New Arizona Wanderings T-shirts

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After a long time coming, I am happy to present two new t-shirt designs to the Arizona Wanderings Shop. T-shirts are on sale until Sunday for $15. These shirts are high quality 100% cotton and a great way to support Arizona Wanderings.  Many thanks to Jason Jones for his help on the logo. Pick yours […]