Golden Stonefly Pattern

Fly Tying: Gambel’s Golden Stonefly


Ingredients: – Streamer hook (#1-#6)- 6/0 Brown Thread- Lead Free Round Wire- Gold Bead- Tan Goose Biots- Medium Vinyl Rib (Amber)- Turkey Tail Feather- Hare Tron Dubbin (Golden Stone)- Gambel’s Quail Soft hackle feathers                

Golden Stonefly Pattern: The Splashything Stonefly


Last summer I was lucky enough to go and visit my good friend Eric from for a beautiful week on the Deschutes River. God smiled on me and I was able to fish some big foam patterns to match the golden stonefly hatch on this great river. The one golden stonefly pattern that really seemed […]

Giveaway and New Flies in the Shop…


There is still time to sign up for the Arizona Wanderings Giveaway. Don’t forget to post an extra comment if you like Arizona Wanderings on Facebook. The giveaway ends on Wednesday and winners will be announced on Thursday morning so make sure to check back in. Many thanks for all the kind words and suggestions, […]