Small Stream

Arizona Fly Fishing: The Backcountry


My wife laughed at me when I told her what time I would be getting up on Saturday morning to go fishing. I wondered about the decision myself, but when the alarm clock beeped, I popped up like a daisy. With a little bit of coffee and a granola bar for the truck ride, I […]

Rambling Review – Smith Creek Net Holster


Rambling Review – Smith Creek Net Holder Why: I have cussed out my net more times than I would like to remember when it was clipped onto my vest and bouncing around on my back. Having the net get hung up in a load of branches is a common occurrence when it dangled from my […]

Rambling Review: Ex Officio Nio Amphi Pants


Rambling Review – Ex Officio Nio Amphi Pants   Why: Living in Arizona and being slightly obsessed with the small streams that flow from the mountains, wet wading is a way of life from early spring until the November cold forces me to break out my waders. Typically, I roll in a pair of cargo […]

Fly Fishing Nevada: Small Streams and Gambling


I found myself in Las Vegas for a good buddy’s bachelor party not long ago and amidst the turmoil of the weekend, I planned to get out and do a little fishing. My research had started a few months earlier and with the insight from some friends I found myself bouncing over a teeth-chattering, washboard […]