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Arizona Wanderings Upgrades


So, Arizona Wanderings is in the middle of some upgrades. We ran into some issues yesterday but the site is back up and running. Some of the links on the side are still not fully functional, so please bear with me as things get ironed out. I am hoping by this weekend everything should be […]

The Backcountry Journal…


Just a quick shout out to The Backcountry Journal and Andy Wayment who has written a fantastic tale about quail hunting in Idaho. Very cool to read and makes me want to head up to the Northwest and do some bird hunting. Check out Andy’s work over at The Backcountry Journal and at The Upland […]

The Backcountry Journal…


Last month, Arizona Wanderings very unceremoniously passed the two year mark. Although it has been said before, this website started very humbly as a communication piece with my family and has slowly grown over the past two years to share my experiences in the field with friends, sell some flies, review different products, and even […]