A Mearns Point

Sunny on point

Sunshine and I took a solo trip down south to chase Mearns quail a couple weekends back. In spite of all of the things that I do wrong as a dog owner and all of the missteps I take in her training, the instincts coursing through her veins won out, and she held a quivering point long enough for me to walk up, flush a covey, and shoot a fat male Mearns. It was a simple thing, but arguably one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in the field. There was a moment where she sat there holding that bird in her mouth looking at me and I reached for it. That moment will always be ours.

Now I look forward to repeating it another thousand times with her.

This bird was a special one
Power Nap
It was a good day.
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11 Responses to “A Mearns Point”

  1. BryanC

    Congratulations Ben, first point is special. Sunny dog has the life! Been hunting in Cochise Co. since Thanksgiving weekend and have found it a slow season. Desert quail especially seem to be down-covey size is noticeably smaller. Still better than poor December grouse hunting in Michigan. Happy New Year.

  2. Jeff C.

    Excellent, Ben. You’ll never forget that trip. My 12 yr. old setter pointed her first Mearns covey probably about the same time you were down there. She’s pointed hundreds of pheasants, grouse, etc. through the years, but never quail even though we’ve tried numerous times. She doesn’t have too many hunts left, but this one will always be remembered. Glad you were able to get photos. Congrats again.

    • azwanderings

      Great to hear from you Jeff and congrats on the Mearns point too. Thank you for the kind words.


  3. Alan Monteath

    Ben…I don’t currently have a dog and don’t hunt. But I do understand and appreciate the joy you shared with Sunny that day. Thanks for the post. PS I’m still tying soft hackles with the quail feathers you sent me years ago. Happy new year.

    • azwanderings

      Thanks for the comment Alan and I’m glad those feathers are getting put to good use. Take care.



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