Monthly Archives: February 2012

Book Report: “Heaven on Earth” by Andrew M. Wayment


One of my new found friends, Andy Wayment, has published his first book titled Heaven on Earth: Stories of Fly Fishing, Fun, and Faith. Andy was kind enough to send over a copy for me to read and I must admit that I gobbled his stories up in no time at all. What I loved […]

International Sportsmen’s Expo


It’s that time of year again here in Arizona. Cactus League baseball is starting to ramp up and the ISE show is back in Phoenix. Before heading over to the show, I threw my fly rod in the truck and I headed over to the carp ponds to see what was moving. The carp were […]

Locked and Loaded


I came home last weekend from some time in the woods to find this on the refrigerator. My beautiful wife had spent the day at the local gun range taking a Women’s Introductory Pistol Class and learning the ins and outs of her handgun. Now if you get past the two ferocious pups (our “first […]

A Foray into Fiberglass


I have been doing some serious research on different options for a travel rod that I can safely and economically pack for those trips back to New York to see family or when Michelle and I are bouncing around on one of our adventures. A post over on the Fiberglass Manifesto about a small fiberglass […]

Arizona Wanderings Shop


With spring essentially here in Arizona, I wanted to remind everyone that if you are looking to refill your fly box or add to your wardrobe, the Arizona Wanderings shop is fully stocked and operational. Spring is usually the time when many guys from the Southwest start to think about heading to the tailwaters and […]

Rambling Review – Smith Creek Net Holster


Rambling Review – Smith Creek Net Holder Why: I have cussed out my net more times than I would like to remember when it was clipped onto my vest and bouncing around on my back. Having the net get hung up in a load of branches is a common occurrence when it dangled from my […]