Monthly Archives: May 2011

Fly Fishing Arizona: Spring Backpacking (Day 1)


Since the inception of the fly fishing virus in my life, I have always wanted to go farther and fish harder. My research and attentive listening continually came back to one particular creek that is said to be the place to go in Arizona for big browns. The creek is a little deeper in the […]

Fly Fishing Arizona: A Little Backpacking Adventure…


The past three days have been a whirlwind (partially thanks to this Six Flags promo) and there are photos of fish and the Arizona backcountry to weed through. I will have some trip reports coming out in the next few days, but until then, feast on a couple of my favorites…

Arizona Urban Fly Fishing: School’s out for Summer…


In celebration of the school year ending, I woke up around the same time as usual and headed out to meet my buddy Mike for a little urban fly fishing. I found Mike in the kitchen doing what he loves to do. After a breakfast burrito and a couple cups of coffee we started a […]

Fly Fishing Arizona: Rainbow Trout on the Mogollon Rim (Part 2)


Our mid-morning change of plans put us on to a different part of the same creek. From the ponderosa pine, drop and plunge water, we entered a completely different world of steep canyon walls and deep pools. The rainbows we were catching here were equally as beautiful as the ones above. I switched over to […]

Fly Fishing Arizona: Rainbow Trout on the Mogollon Rim (Part 1)


My wife thinks I am insane, but does not even budge when my alarm rings at 2:15 in the morning. Coffee, gear, and a granola bar keep me company for the hour drive across town to meet up with Antonio where after a refill of coffee from the thermos, the cruise get’s set on 75 […]

Fly Tying: Smith’s Stonehopper


Ben’s Salmon Fly This is a variation of the Mini-Hopper that seems to have taken on the identity of a salmonfly. I would love to know what you think and I believe I will need a name. Material List: – Size 10 Hopper Terrestrial Hook – 6/0 Uni-Thread – Dubbing (my personal favorite is the […]