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Arizona Fly Fishing: The Salt River


My mom is in town visiting from the icy Northeast. As we toured around city, we swung by the Salt River below Saguaro Lake. I have always had a love/hate relationship with this stretch of water (actually more just hate), but it’s close proximity made for a quick hour on the water getting my rusty […]

Rambling Review – Dyna-King Kingfisher Vise


Rambling Review – Dyna-King Kingfisher Vice Why: If you have fly fished for any length of time, you can understand why I wanted to buy a vise.  After catching the fly fishing bug it was only a short while before I started seeing all of the possibilities and fun everyone else was having tying their […]

Arizona Fly Fishing: Catch and Release


Arizona Fly Fishing: Sustainability When most people think of Arizona, fly fishing is not the first thought that springs to mind. Although rattlesnakes and saguaro cacti are the typical icons of this great state, I would like to draw attention to another section of wildlife. Fish. Arizona has some of the most rugged and beautiful […]

Arizona Flies for Sale


Alright…those links are up on the side and are now officially working. Sorry about that. I appreciate the support and kind words that everyone is dropping off. It is always nice to hear from new folks who are finding the site, as well as the friends that continually stop by. Thanks again. Ben

Arizona Flies for Sale…


If you have been lurking around over the past few days, you may have noticed some additions to the side bar and footer. After having received quite a few emails and encouragements regarding selling some flies, I decided to take the plunge. So, to gauge a little interest, my brother made me up some pretty […]

Small Midges for Big Water


My normal routine is tying big bushy dry flies for the small streams here in Arizona, with the occasional pheasant tail or simi-seal bugger to drift when the fish are being lazy. Tying wicked small midges is something that is foreign to me and therefore a little daunting. With some plans this next year to […]

Rambling Review – Nikon Monarch 10×42 Binoculars


Rambling Review – Nikon Monarch 10×42 Binoculars Why: Growing up in Pennsylvania and New York and hunting the deer that populated those woods is much different than hunting the higher desert landscape of Arizona. I quickly learned that just finding a well worn Pennsylvania deer trail and plopping myself down beside it was not going […]