Turkey Double


Scouting didn’t go as planned on the day before season opened. We were unsuccessful roosting any birds in the evening and morale for opening morning was pretty low. Our only play was to head back to an area we’d driven through around noon where we had seen a few birds moving through the trees. We […]

Texas Turkey: Rio Grande


TSA flagged my carry-on as I stepped through the metal detector. I could see several folks crowded around, pointing, and discussing something on the screen. A woman dressed in a blue uniform with blue latex gloves picked up my duffle bag, carried it to a stainless steel table, and set it down with authority. The […]

Arizona Blue Grouse in the White Mountains


The elk bugled all night long which made sleep hard to come by. My little brown shorthair remained in a tight cozy ball next to me in the tent, snoring away while a bull worked cows in the adjacent meadow.¬† We all woke early, anxious for the hunt ahead, and huddled around the tailgate eating […]

Dove Pot Pie


After a couple of hours, we had a big pile of Eurasian Collared Doves sitting on the tailgate. This¬† non-native invasive species of dove has flourished here in the desert of Arizona (and around the rest of the country for that matter), and subsequently there is an unlimited daily bag and possession limit combined with […]