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Wild Turkey Chili


Wild turkey chili is one of my favorite dishes that my mother used to make on those cold winter evenings back in the Adirondacks. The greatest thing is that this is one wild game dish that my wife cannot resist. Preparation: 1. Brine Turkey for 8-12 hours (great article here on the NWTF page.) 2. Season […]

How To Build a Fly Rod Tube…


DIY Fly Rod Tubes: I am a big fan of Temple Fork Outfitters fly rods but for whatever reason they choose to sell their fly rods without a rod tube. So I have a couple fly rods that share the few store bought tubes that I purchased to protect them. Digging around in the garage […]

Arizona Sportsmen Constituent Group


I gathered in the Quail Room at the Game and Fish office with about 100 other sportsmen, outdoor groups, and a few interested folks from the general public to take part in the first Sportsmen Constituent Group (working title) last Thursday, March 22, 2012. We were joined by about 80 people online and a plethora […]

Sharpening Broadheads…


I will be the first to admit it. I have a very difficult time getting a blade to the point of being razor sharp. At the end of the day I can get a broadhead or knife fairly sharp with some of the “dumbed-down” tools that they have on the market today, but getting a […]

How To Fletch Your Own Arrows…


Someone was digging through the archives and asking questions about fletching arrows and the difficulty involved in the process, as well as some needed tools. This is a simple “how to fletch your own arrows” tutorial. I shoot a traditional recurve bow off the shelf, so therefore use feather fletchings on a carbon arrow. Now, […]

The Easy Hopper Juan: My variation and tutorial


The original Hopper Juan fly was developed by Juan Ramirez from Colorado Springs. When I first started thinking about getting into fly tying, there were two flies that really got me excited to learn, the parachute Adams and the Hopper Juan. Juan’s pattern can be found on his site, the Hopper Juan, with a detailed […]

San Juan River Nymph Rig


After I returned from my four day adventure at the San Juan, I received more than a few emails asking about what type of setup I was using while I was there. In answer to those emails I put my artistic skills to the test and drew up a diagram of the rigging that I […]