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Rambling Review – Katadyn MyBottle Purifier


Rambling Review – Katadyn MyBottle Purifier Why: Staying hydrated is arguably the most important aspect of backcountry fly fishing in Arizona. Carrying enough water to stay hydrated for 12 hours on the stream can be borderline backbreaking, and if you are solely relying on carrying purified water, you run the risk of running out of drinkable […]

Fly Fishing Gear: My small stream essentials


What is in my small stream fly fishing pack? It is always interesting to see what other fly fishermen deem as “must haves” in their pack or vest. I have been getting quite a few questions over the past few months about the gear that I pack in to some of the backcountry spots that […]

Rambling Review – Crooked Horn Outfitters Trailblazer II Pack

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Rambling Review – Crooked Horn Outfitters Trailblazer II Pack Why: I think every outdoorsman is on the quest to find the perfect backpack. The one issue is that different situations call for different gear and so there are many great products out there for those different situations. Having said that, I may have found one […]

Fly Fishing Arizona: Backcountry Brown Trout


It’s been raining in the high country and the creeks are in pristine condition. From even a week ago, everything is very green and the water looks healthy. Due to the storms the night before and the sky threatening more of the same, the fishing was very slow in the morning. Antonio and I both […]

Rambling Review – Cortland Trout Boss Fly Line

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Rambling Review – Cortland Trout Boss 5 Weight Fly Line Why: I am an average fly fisherman with a marginal cast. I need all the help I can get. Enter the new Cortland Trout Boss line. First impressions: The specifications –  The Trout Boss is a weight forward line with a total head length around 62ft. For […]

Fly Fishing Arizona – Heaven on Earth


There’s not much to really say as the photos do most of the talking. I left home at 2:30 and met Antonio before heading up north. We hiked in early and found some willing fish to rise to foamy hoppers. Things are definitely slowing down from a few weeks ago and I think the high […]

Hobo Dinners: Arguably the greatest outdoor meal ever…


Hobo Dinner was one of my favorite meals as a kid. On my birthday this summer, my mom asked what I wanted to have for “birthday dinner.” The answer was pretty easy to come up with. My favorites blend: Start with a base layer of bacon. Add hamburger, potatoes, onion, carrotts, corn, bell peppers, garlic salt, […]

Fly Fishing New York: The Ausable River


Our trip back to New York this summer was focused on putting a new roof on my mom’s house. Between the 12 hour days and the school year looming ahead, I had my doubts as to wether I was going to have the opportunity to get in any fishing at all before we had to […]