Monthly Archives: October 2011

ALCS Recreational Expo: Wrap-up


The Accelerated Learning Charter School Expo was a great opportunity for me to meet up with some of the local fly fisherman in the area. For the inaugural year, the event had a great turnout with even the local paper showing up and taking pictures and asking questions. I met up with Greg and Mike […]

Rambling Review: Orvis Fly Fishing App


I was recently contacted by Orvis to check out their new Orvis Fly Fishing App for the iPad. After a quick and easy download, I sequestered my wife’s iPad for the next couple of hours and got lost in the many features of this really well thought out app. The Orvis Fly Fishing App has […]

ACLS Recreational Expo: Cottonwood, AZ


My good friend Paul Freeman is the principal over at the Accelerated Learning Charter in Cottonwood, AZ. His school is putting on their first ever Recreational Expo that offers some workshops, raffles, and all kinds of festivities with the focus of getting families together and kids outdoors. Paul was kind enough to invite me up […]

Book Report: “Blue Lines” by Tom Reed


Growing up in the Adirondack Mountains, my parents never sprung for the fancy new Nintendo gaming systems where my brothers and I could play Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt. Instead, they pushed us outside and into the back woods to build lean-tos and splash in the creek. When we did have down time, we were […]

Simi Seal Buggers for Sale


Simi-Seal Buggers for Sale The Simi Seal Bugger is one of the most productive patterns that is in my fly box. Wether fishing on the urban ponds for bass and carp or drifting a large pool full of hungry brown trout, the Simi Seal Bugger is a must have pattern for all kinds of different […]

Bruce Smithhammer’s Review of the Hunting Gambel’s Quail E-book


I have had a pretty amazing week starting with a short tale I wrote being posted on Filson Life. As if that was not enough, the Bruce Smithhammer wrote up a really nice review of my Hunting Gambel’s Quail Ebook over on a Mouthful of Feathers. Not only is Bruce a well known figure in the Outdoor/Fly […]