Monthly Archives: June 2013

Fly Fishing Arizona: Small Stream Smallmouth


It was a hot morning to say the least, and after we had run a couple of errands earlier in the day, my friend, David, and I headed into a creek that runs through some lower elevation. The hike in was longer than we expected, but the ice-cold water at the bottom was very fishy […]

White Mountain Fly Fishing


After our first day in the White Mountains did not live up to our expectations, Antonio and I did a bit of exploring on another stretch of water also in the Whites. The day turned out to be better than expected and we both were able to pull in some beautiful brown trout from one […]

Fly Fishing Arizona: White Mountains


Made it up to the mountains a while back and was able to fish a beautiful stretch of water. The effects of the Wallow Fire could be seen along the stream. Although the water looked prime and there was plenty of bug life, the fishing was slow and subpar. ¬†We pulled a handful of rainbows […]

My world is changing


2013 is turning out to be quite a year for me personally. I am turning 30 I am changing careers My wife and I are expecting our first child I live a very full and blessed life, and up to this point it has afforded me the opportunity to hunt and fish at every waking […]