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Fly Fishing Arizona: Creek Fishing (Part 2)


We bumped and bounced our way over the washboard road until we reached the creek and, after driving up a ways, found that we had the creek to ourselves.  The water was a little low and gin clear with the aquatic vegetation growing thick. Fishing has been getting tougher on this stretch of water due […]

Fly Fishing Arizona: Creek Fishing (Part 1)


It has been a month since I was last on the small streams and it has been too long. Saturday morning dawned cool and clear as my buddy, Jason, and I turned into the pullout. We decided he would drop my off on the lower part to let me fish up while he went up […]

Rambling Review: Superfeet


Rambling Review –  Superfeet Insoles Why: I never gave much thought to my feet while I was growing up. Wearing flip-flops and flat, non supportive shoes became a way of life until about 3 years ago. After a couple of very long days in the field, the arches of my feet were killing me. I […]

San Juan Flies for Sale


After a couple of requests, I have tied up a San Juan River Fly Collection that is on sale now in the Arizona Wanderings Shop. This collection is full of the classic San Juan patterns that are sure to get you into some fish not only on the San Juan river but on just about […]

Arizona Fly Fishing: Urban Ponds


I had a couple of hours free on Saturday morning, and even though I did not have the alarm set, my eyes opened out of habit at 5:00 am. After filling a thermos with coffee and grabbing my 6 weight, I hopped in the truck and drove over to some of my favorite ponds. I […]

Rambling Review – Cortland Precision Platinum Salmon Line

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Rambling Review – Cortland Precision Platinum Salmon Line Why: Gearing up for my summer trip to the Northwest, I was looking to pair some quality line with my Lamson Konic and 6 weight BVK rod for the big water of the Deschutes River. After shopping around and talking to a couple different folks over at […]