Monthly Archives: August 2011

Small Stream Fly Box Giveaway…


In celebration of such a great summer and memorable turkey hunt last weekend, I tied up some of my favorite go-to flies and put together a small stream fly box for a giveaway. Also up for grabs is an Arizona Wanderings t-shirt. I will not be making you jump through any serious hoops to enter, […]

Rambling Review – Browning Pursuit Jacket


Rambling Review – Browning Pursuit Jacket Why: Even though Arizona is a desert, we still get some fairly serious weather that rolls through the mesas and canyons in our later season hunts. Mornings can start below freezing and the wind can make it feel so much colder. As I started my search for the right […]

Arizona Bowhunting: Merriam’s Turkey


Archery season opened on Friday, and while I went to work, my buddies were already sitting in their treestands. When quitting time came, my truck pointed north in order to leave the blazing desert sand behind and before dark, it climbed the bumpy forest road to camp. The guys had seen a couple of doe […]

Rambling Review – Fox Breed Recurve


Rambling Review – Fox Breed Recurve Why: I grew up shooting a compound bow and more or less fell out of hunting during my later highschool and early college years. Once I moved to Arizona, a good friend of mine turned me on to traditional archery. He had a number of different recurves that I […]