Monthly Archives: June 2012

Fly Fishing France: The Manoir de Malvoisine


Knowing that I was going to be in Europe, I could not help getting on Google and seeing if there was anywhere for me to do a bit of fishing along the way. My wife rolled her eyes when she found out what I was doing, but it was already too late. One of my […]

Wandering Europe: Paris, France


Our journey started with a short jaunt from Phoenix to Chicago and then a long flight to Paris, France. Michelle and I disembarked the plane, wide-eyed and unable to read any of the signs. With a little bit of figuring and asking the right questions, we were able to get on the right train and […]

Where I’ve been…


Three weeks ago, my wife and I eafch packed a bag and grabbed our passports for an unbelievable adventure in Europe. With the help of the Flight Factory Domestic Flights, we traveled through France, Switzerland, and Italy with nothing but what could fit in a backpack, and we explored those places that we had only […]

The Start of It All: First Deer


I used to be a whole lot skinnier when I was 14.¬† I could not have weighed more than a buck thirty with all my hunting gear on. Now, even though I look back with fondness on being able to run all day on the soccer field, I remember that the Pennsylvania buck season in […]

The Ritual


Many weekends find me camping out, either hunting or fishing¬†in the Arizona backcountry. What’s ironic is that as wonderful and exciting as my time in the wild is, nothing really compares to the moment when I turn the truck on to my street and drive up to the house. The garage door opens, and I […]

Fly Fishing: The Early Years


Looking through a box of old photos, I found this picture. It puzzles me because I have absolutely no recollection of it nor of the fly rod that is in my hand. I still have the old $25 special fly rod from Walmart, that I used to catch bluegill and largmouth bass from my grandma’s […]

Fly Tying Peg Board Project


I am not an artist. Not by any stretch of the imagination, but my fly tying room could use a little life…and organization. I have one of the back bedrooms in our house which, to my face, my wife calls the “hunting room. Surely behind my back and to her girlfriends, she calls it much […]