Arizona Fly Fishing: Memories of Summer

Arizona White Mountains
Arizona High Country

Life has been moving extremely fast since the birth of our third child. I haven’t had much time to devote to the outdoors but I’m loving every minute with my family. These photos have been sitting here, waiting to get posted for a while. I was able to get out for a day trip to the White Mountains and visit an old favorite piece of water with a good friend. I took my bamboo rod and a box full of hoppers and was rewarded with a few nice trout to my net. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Brown trout on bamboo
Agua Fria Alchemy and J.W. Young Pridex
Agua Fria Alchemy and J.W. Young Pridex
Brown Trout
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6 Responses to “Arizona Fly Fishing: Memories of Summer”

  1. Charles A Peterson

    I am still looking for Mearns’ Quail t-shirts, mugs, etc. It’s getting close to the holidays, and your “I Love Arizona” tees with the Gambel’s quail were a BIG HIT!!!!!!!!!!!! I realize that Mearns” only account for about 4% of the quail taken in Arizona, but to an old Mearns’ quail hunter, they are VERY Special!! Nice Brown trout, by the way. They are really biting here in Western Colorado!!

  2. peter

    Nice trip. I would love to have that kind of fishing experience too. You have a nice blog.Thanks for sharing your story, it will inspire more people. keep it up!

  3. Glenn

    Love your blog. Followed it for several years. Now that we’ve moved back to AZ, I can finally visit some of the beautiful spots and hopefully catch some of the same fish. Thank you for your beautiful pictures and stories.


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