Arizona Fly Fishing: A walk around the ponds

Fly Fishing Arizona
A morning walk

It’s not often that I wake up on a Saturday morning and hear my wife say, “let’s go fishing.” I had the truck packed in a few minutes, and we headed to a local spot to see if we could find some willing warm water fish. We had about an hour of walking and fishing before it was time to head home and get ready for the morning nap. The fish were there, but we didn’t connect on any. As usual, the trip ended up being less about fishing and more about spending time with my girls, pointing out the ducks and fish, and enjoying the beautiful Arizona fall weather. We’ll get those fish next time.

Carp fishing
Mama working some fish
Fishing Arizona
Along for the ride (Note the sippy cup at the ready)
Learning to spot fish
Learning to spot fishies

12 Responses to “Arizona Fly Fishing: A walk around the ponds”

  1. Brian

    Looks like a great time.

    The pack looks interesting. Did you already have a review on it or can you share any information on it?

    • azwanderings

      Thanks Brian. It’s a Kelty Pack. There will be a review in the future once we’ve had it out and about a bit more. At this point, I love it. What’s more important is that our little girl loves it too.


    • azwanderings

      Thanks Emily. Just think about us in the summer when it’s 115 degrees and it all kind of evens out. Stay warm.


  2. Alan

    Great outing Ben. Just being near the water at that age is a beautiful and lasting thing. If you have not had a chance to read “Holy Ghost Creek”, you should look for it. The author was the chief prosecutor in Santa Fe, I think. He writes about his walks up Holy Ghost Creek, sometimes carrying his infant son on his back. His prose is magical and evocative. The creek is a trib of the Pecos River, near Santa Fe. Thanks for sharing your family time.


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