Arizona Quail Hunting: Mearns Quail

Mearns Quail
Arizona Mearns Country

There is nothing quite like watching dogs work the grassy hills of Southern Arizona in search of Mearns quail. So when my good buddy Pat from Border to Border Outfitters invited me down for opening weekend to watch his team of GSPs work, how could I say no. Alex Landeen grilling venison sausages and pheasant for dinner was an added bonus.

We found birds and did a fair bit of shooting. I’ve had the pleasure to watch Pat’s dogs work Mearns several times and it never gets old. There is nothing prettier than a dog on a rock solid point with a covey of Mearns quail flushing in front of them. More importantly, I got to spend time in the field with old friends and make new ones. With life constantly picking up speed, I relish every step I get to take in chasing quail in this state.

Pat runs Border to Border Outfitters and you can hunt birds with him from Minnesota all the way to Arizona and everywhere in between. Check him out at Border to Border Outfitters.

Mearns Quail Hunting
Action Jackson
Border to Border Outfitters
Flanagan and Landeen
Mearns Quail
A couple Mearns and a deadhead
Mearns Quail Hunting
Following the dogs
Looking into Mexico
Mearns Quail Hunting
Hank finds birds
Mearns Quail Hunting
Pat Flanagan of Border to Border Outfitters
Mearns Quail
A tailgate from the day
Venison Sausage and Grilled Pheasant Dinner by Landeen
Two Bitch Bourbon
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2 Responses to “Arizona Quail Hunting: Mearns Quail”

  1. Jeff C.

    Well done, Ben. I’m heading down there this AM for a couple of days, but I’m sure that going with Pat you saw more birds than I will, but will give it a shot. Great photos and looks like you were well fed!

  2. winonaflyfactory

    My german shorthair would love to hang out with you down there. She gets pheasants a couple times a year but I think right about now she’d go for some of that action.

    p.s. love the whiskey.


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