Arizona Quail Hunting…

Gambel's Quail

The cuts and scratches on my arms and hands are proof of the hard work that I put in this morning while hunting Gambel’s quail in the Arizona desert. I had met Austin this morning before light and we drove to a spot that is loaded with Gambel’s quail. Normally, when I open the door of the truck in this particular spot, my ears are assaulted with the sounds of quail just getting off the roost and looking for friends. Instead, this morning the only thing I was greeted with was a blast of wind in my face. Windy conditions kept quail quiet and in bed until the sun was much higher in the sky. We walked and trudged up and down hills filled with jumping cactus and mesquite trees with the end result was 5 birds between us. A good morning all in all and with more birds in the freezer and the playoffs in full swing, I foresee a Quail-B-Q in my future.

Quail Country

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