Arizona Spring Fishing

Arizona Brown Trout
Arizona Brown Trout

With the shotgun cleaned and placed back in the safe, it was time to break out the fly rod and check on the status of the creeks. Walking amongst the fragrant ponderosas and listening to the creek ramble over the rocks was all that was needed to soothe my soul. Fishing our way up the creek, I had almost lost hope of catching a fish, when a small parachute pattern tricked a brown into rising, and my net soon cradled my first fish of 2015. It’s going to be a great year.

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6 Responses to “Arizona Spring Fishing”

  1. Josef

    Another fisherman whose season has started before mine. At least another month to go for us here in central Alberta. Looking forward to seeing how your fishing season goes.



  2. Zach M.

    Great shot, man….what Camera are you using these days? Is it touchscreen that you’re able to select focus on the net in this pic? Or are you still hauling around the DSLR? Either way….great picture!


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