Arizona Turkey Hunting: Sleeping in the Dirt

Arizona Turkey Hunting
Arizona Merriams Turkey

We had driven a long way and were many hours from civilization. I stood surveying the campsite where we had camped in years past. And suddenly it dawned on me. I had forgotten my tent.

I could see it in my minds eye, that lonely tubular tent bag, sitting all along on my garage floor like a lost child. And while it sat there with so much wasted potential 6 hours away, I stood, in my campsite with a dumb look on my face, feeling foolish and knowing that I could be paying a serious price should the wind pick up and/or the weather turn. Pride wouldn’t let me snuggle into a one man tent with my hunting buddy. So I rolled my sleeping bag out on my inflatable pad and borrowed the Tyvek ground sheet for the one tent that was brought on the hunting trip. I tried to think positive thoughts.

After an 8 mile scouting hike, a shot of bourbon, and an ambian, I snuggled in to my sleeping bag and closed my eyes. I slept like a baby under that Tyvek sheet.

We got lucky and killed two turkeys opening day and were on our way home by 2 pm. It was a good turkey season.

Arizona Merriams Turkey
Austin tagging his bird
Arizona Turkey Hunting
Austin with a beautiful Arizona Merriams Turkey
Roost tree
Under the roost tree
Turkey Plucking
Let the plucking begin
Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener
Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener
Sleeping pad + sleeping bag + Tyvek = camping in comfort
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4 Responses to “Arizona Turkey Hunting: Sleeping in the Dirt”

  1. Zach Moore

    You mean you and Parks don’t take one of those double sleeping bags when you go? Body heat, man! 😉

    • azwanderings

      Unfortunately, I left the double sleeping bag right next to the tent in the garage. Next time…

  2. Landon

    Sometimes veterans make rookie mistakes, but it looks like it all worked out in the end.

  3. Michael Agneta

    Doh! Man, glad you were able to have an awesome trip regardless of the sleeping situation. Those are some damn fine birds.


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