Book Report – An Introduction to Hunting Arizona’s Small Game

An Introduction to Hunting Arizona's Small Game
An Introduction to Hunting Arizona’s Small Game by Randall Babb

I recently obtained a new book written by Randall Babb titled An Introduction to Hunting Arizona’s Small Game. This book is a comprehensive look at the many small game species that we have in Arizona and includes detailed information about habitat, hunting opportunities, tactics, field care, and recipes. Mr. Babb has done a wonderful job putting together a great resource for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of small game in Arizona and increase their success in the field. This 198 page, color photo book is well worth the price and is an excellent addition to any Arizona outdoorsman’s library

Arizona truly is a wonderful state with some of the most sought after big game in the country. Often, our small game species are over looked and under utilized. Truth be told, hunting small game is a great way to get a young or new hunter into the field and an excellent excuse to get out in the desert and woods.

To get your copy, stop by a Game and Fish office or download the order form here

Arizona Squirrel Hunting
Detailed information on Arizona’s small game species
Arizona Bird Hunting
Arizona Bird Hunting
Field Care Instructions
Field Care Instructions

Author Randy Babbs


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  1. Ricky Anderson

    I have meaning to get a copy of this book, but cant seem to get to a game and fish office before they close. Thanks for the reminder and the book report. I will have to order it.


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