Fly Fishing Small Streams Ebook Reviews


Chasing Wild Trout E-book
Chasing Wild Trout: A Beginner's Guide to Fly Fishing Small Streams

The Beatles song, “With a little help from my friends” is rolling around in my head as I write this short post. With the release of my ebook Chasing Wild Trout: A beginner’s guide to fly fishing small streams, I sent a couple of copies to some fishing friends to hear their thoughts. Check out their reviews below.

Andrew Wayment from Upland Equations: Chasing Wild Trout Review

Mike Agneta from Troutrageous: Chasing Wild Trout Reveiew

A big thank you to both of these guys for reading and reviewing my ebook. I find it ironic that both Kenny Rogers and Einsten were referenced in a review of my book. I honestly don’t know what to make of it. Thanks again Mike and Andrew.

Pick up your copy of Chasing Wild Trout: A beginner’s guide to fly fishing small streams

Fly Fishing Small Streams E-book
Chasing Wild Trout: A beginner's guide to fly fishing small streams

4 Responses to “Fly Fishing Small Streams Ebook Reviews”

  1. cofisher

    I haven’t picked it up yet, but I will. I’m going to delay reading the reviews until then, so look or another review (hopefully soon). Looking forward to it.

    • Peter Nunez

      Overall, this was an outstanding book!! I’ve learn a ton of new skills and sharpened up some old ones. When I think of the word Guru of small streams, I think of you Ben. Fishing with long leaders and a stealthy approach on those spooky trout is a great way to find and catch fish. My favorite section of the book was on fly selection. I can’t wait to use these techniques up here in Michigan… Thank You Ben and Tight Lines brother…


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