Fly Tying: Pyramid Lake Tadpole

Pyramid Lake Tadpoles
Pyramid Lake Tadpoles

Gearing up for my upcoming fly fishing trip to Pyramid Lake in search of some big Lahontan cutthroat trout, I kept running across the Pyramid Lake Tadpole fly pattern. The Pyramid Lake Tadpole is a fairly simple pattern and can be tied up in a number of different color variations. The Pyramid Lake Tadpole is typically fished in tandem with a wooley bugger on a fast sinking line. Its buoyancy coupled with the heavy sinking line allows the fly to bounce back along the bottom of the lake as it is stripped back.

Material List:

Hook: #6 Curved Caddis Hook (extra heavy for strength)

Thread: 6/0 Black Uni-thread

Tail: Marabou (optional to switch out for Krystal Flash)

Foam: Loco foam (Northern Lights) Note: Loco foam is expensive so I tied a bunch up using regular 2mm craft foam and some glittery craft foam I found at the local craft store.

Underbody – Purple Estaz Chenille

Pyramid Lake Tadpoles
Wrap thread on hook back to the bend. Tie in marabou clump. I have seen quite a few tied with a short Krystal Flash tail instead.
Loco Foam
Northern Lights Loco Foam
Pyramid Lake Tadpole
Cut foam to 1/4″ – 1/2″ wide strip and secure to hook. I like to add a dab of superglue before laying the foam on the hook shank.
Estaz Chenille
Estaz Chenille
Pyramid Lake Tadpoles
Secure Estaz to the hook.
Pyramid Lake Tadpoles
Wrap Estaz to the front of the hook, being careful not to crowd the eye.
Pyramid Lake Tadpoles
Fold foam over the Estaz and secure with loose wraps, gradually getting tighter. If you crank down on the thread the first two or three wraps, you run the risk of cutting the foam.
Pyramid Lake Tadpoles
Trim head and whip finish.
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8 Responses to “Fly Tying: Pyramid Lake Tadpole”

  1. Pinetopbob

    This tadpole has some of the materials that are used for the “blob or boobie” fly and fished about the same way. The blob works at Becker, early Spring.

    • azwanderings

      Sounds like I need to head up that way. You guys have been pulling some big fish out of there.


  2. Jim Holmes

    Yep, just like I tie my Gurgers except for the heads. I just have to find some of that purple patterned foam to use for my Casting for Recovery Gurgler flies! Thanks for sharing these flies.

  3. tom Kovalicky

    HOWDY: Is there an outlet for buying the Pyramid Lake Tadpole??? tx tom


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