Fly Tying – The AZ Caddis Pupa

The AZ Caddis Pupa

A very simple caddis pupa pattern to stock in your small stream box. Not too many materials:

Hook: #18-#14 caddis hook

Bead: Gold, Green, Silver

Body: Vinyl Rib

Collar: Green Hare Tron Dubbing

Thread: 6/0 Uni Thread Green

AZ Caddis Pupa
Wrap thread
AZ Caddis Pupa
Secure vinyl rib with thread wraps
AZ Caddis Pupa
Wrap vinyl rib forward and secure with thread wraps


AZ Caddis Pupa
Dub with green Hare Tron Dubbin and whip finish


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3 Responses to “Fly Tying – The AZ Caddis Pupa”

  1. Mike Yavello

    Nice looking fly. What colors do you normally tie these in for the Rim/White Mountain streams?



    • azwanderings

      Thanks Mike. I typically tie it just as it is and also with a tan body. Sometimes I mix up the dubbing colors just to make it interesting.



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