Grasshopper Forecast 2012: Do you have your mini-hoppers?

Grasshopper Numbers
Grasshopper Forecast for 2012

Looks like there is going to be some serious pockets of hoppers across the west this summer. I like thinking that those dark red spots in AZ are right over the Rim creeks. Make sure to stock your fly box with a fistful of Mini-Hoppers (aka the “ultimate small stream dry fly”)

Mini-Hoppers – Available in the Arizona Wanderings Shop

Foam Hopper Patterns
Mini-Hopper Strikes again

5 Responses to “Grasshopper Forecast 2012: Do you have your mini-hoppers?”

    • azwanderings

      Me too. Already seeing a bunch of hoppers here in AZ. Should be a good year.


  1. cofisher

    Sanders should be excited. That red spot on the Colorado map looks like Ft. Collins. I’m putting together an order, but it’s going to have to wait a bit until I hit the lottery. In the meantime…


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