It’s been a while

This last year has been a whirlwind. We moved into a new house in June of 2018, and last summer was a total wash as far as fishing trips were concerned. It had been so long since I’ve been fishing that I had to buy new tippet and floatant, as well as tie up a few new furled leaders for the day. After a few flubbed casts, it all came rushing back.

I’ve never heard or seen the cicadas so thick in the White Mountains. For most of the day, the fish were looking up and attacking flies as soon as they hit the water. In the evening, the fish backed off from their feeding frenzy and refused any cicada/hopper pattern. I worked my way through the fly box, cycling through different flies, and trying to figure out what they were eating, when I spotted several winged ants in the slower slack water. The one small black foam ant pattern I had in my box caught a half dozen more fish, before the ravaged fly unraveled completely.

Standing in knee deep water watching the sun set and fish rise is a great way to end the day.

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6 Responses to “It’s been a while”

  1. Ed Mashburn

    Good morning- Very nice write-up- looks like the big trout were eating.
    I enjoy your work- I was out there for a year in 2017 and got to see some fine country- Phoenix- not so much.
    Please keep posting your trips- I am back home in coastal Alabama now, and it’s good to be reminded of a different world with great fish and other life.

    thanks very much- Ed

  2. Scott Goodwin

    Ben need some help. My Brother is coming to town later in August. He expressed an interest in learning to fish a river. Fishing at Silver creek seems too slow this time of year for the drive from Phoenix. Salt river below the bridge still possible for trout this time of year? Bass would work as well i guess. Anyplace else Salt can be fished? I mostly fly fish white mountain lakes myself so really unsure where if anywhere will work this time of year for some river fishing.
    Thanks, Scott

    • azwanderings


      If you have the time, I’d recommend heading up to Lees Ferry. From what I’ve heard, it’s fishing fantastic and it’s a great place to take an out of towner. Best of luck.



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