Lake Pleasant…

With only a few hours to fish on this morning, Pete and I opted for the real short drive to Lake Pleasant. I have mixed feelings about this lake due to being skunked several times before, but with a time schedule to keep, options were limited. Stories of different species of bass are always being told but usually those with success have some sort of boat to scour fishable areas. On my current income I am confined to the shore and anywhere accessible with a two-wheel drive vehicle. The Arizona sun soon was baking the desert at 85 degrees and we had seen zero action. After walking and fishing multiple coves, I finally happened upon a protected cove where I could see 7-8 different bass holding close to shore. Cycling through my limited fly selection, the black simi leech with an orange glass bead head was the ticket and got movement and looks from multiple fish. Only one of the smaller fish decided to play before we had to call it a day. Wish we could have kept fishing because we finally figured out where to be looking for fish and what they were hungry for. Aside from the one fish and a sunburn, the only other excitement was almost stepping on a rattlesnake. For three years, I have been tramping all over this state and this was the first rattlesnake I have ever seen. It was nice to end the terrible streak of bad luck at Lake Pleasant, but I look forward to getting back on the smaller streams.

Lake Pleasant Fly Fishing

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