Rambling Review – Rite in the Rain Journal

Rambling Review – Rite in the Rain

Rite in the Rain Notebook
Rite in the Rain Notebook


So I get that I write a blog and take pictures of fish that I catch, but as my wife will tell you, I have a terrible memory.  So looking back on trips from even last year, I’m a bit fuzzy on the details such as water levels, clarity, fly selection, weather, and the overall fishing. I thought it would be interesting to keep a more detailed summary of where and when I fished, as well as the details from the day. I started looking around and decided to pick up one of the Rite in the Rain notebooks and have been keeping track of things since.

Field Use:

People have been making paper and writing on it for thousands of years. So without getting too technical about a notebook, it does what it’s supposed to do. You can write on it. The cool thing is that it can get wet, either from rain or from falling in the water, and you can still write in it. It fits nicely in the pocket of my lumbar pack, day pack, and quail vest. I like to take breaks and rest, and during this time I’ll jot a couple of things down about the fishing or hunting. This helps me later to look back and know when and where I was getting into fish or game.

The cover is a beefy Polydura material that is held together by a solid piece of spiral metal on the side. After a year in the field, it still looks good and does it’s job of protecting the inside pages.

Rite in the Rain Notebook
Rite in the Rain Notebook

The pages inside can be written on with either pencil or a special all weather pen (also sold by Rite in the Rain). With my propensity to lose things, I just stuck with a pencil nub which has worked just fine. The pages been soaked and the graphite hasn’t smeared. One thing though is that you can’t erase anything written in pencil as it will simply smudge.

It took me about a year to go through the first one and in that time, this Rite in the Rain notebook saw rain, snow, and a plethora of hot Arizona sunshine. It was dunked in Pyramid Lake and plenty of Arizona creek water, but has held up remarkably well. I just ordered my second one and look forward to putting more observations down in it’s pages.

Taking notes on the Grand Canyon hike
Taking notes on the Grand Canyon hike


Durable cover and spine

Notebook is able to get wet and not get ruined

Other sizes and types of lined paper available 


Only 64 pages

Prognosis:  I just ordered my second notebook and really like the overall design, quality, and performance of the Rite in the Rain notebooks.


Rite in the Rain All Weather Journal
Rite in the Rain All-Weather Journal



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4 Responses to “Rambling Review – Rite in the Rain Journal”

  1. Aaron A

    I’ve used these field books as well for backcountry skiing and ski patrol work and I’ll concur, they’re awesome. Best bet is to find a retailer as Rite-in-the-Rain charges an arm and a leg for shipping.

  2. Mat

    I work outside doing lots of field measurements (as a geologist). Rite-in-rain is ok, but it really can’t take a beating. We use this stuff (http://www.rdpenhall.com/) called Duksbak. Some weird plastic (note: cannot use in an emergency to help start a fire). The misses uses it underwater while diving, for her notes. You can buy blank sheets and get a small ringed binder for them. They do custom printing too.



    • azwanderings

      Great information Mat. I’d never heard of them before. I’ll definitely be checking them out.



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