Small Stream Fly Box Giveaway…

Giveaway time...
Giveaway time...

In celebration of such a great summer and memorable turkey hunt last weekend, I tied up some of my favorite go-to flies and put together a small stream fly box for a giveaway. Also up for grabs is an Arizona Wanderings t-shirt. I will not be making you jump through any serious hoops to enter, so here are the basics.

1. Leave a comment on this post with either something you like about the Arizona Wanderings site, a favorite post, or maybe something you would want to see in the future on the site or in the shop. As much as this site is about my travels, I am always looking to add more features that would be of interest to my readers.

2. For a second chance at one of the prizes, “Like” Arizona Wanderings on Facebook and then comment a second time on this post, doubling up your chances and letting me know that you have done the whole Facebook thing too.

3. Two random number will be generated on Wednesday, September 7 from the blog comments and the first person can choose either the fly box or the t-shirt. The second number gets whatever is left.

Dry side
Dry side
  • The small stream fly collection will include a mix of:
  • – Mini-hoppers
  • – Sparkle parachutes (yes, I used some of my dwindling hackle supply for you…)
  • – Parachute Adams
  • – Hopper Juan Variants
  • – Bead-head pheasant tails
  • – Bead-head hare’s ear
  • – Zebra midges
  • – Simi-Seal Leeches


Nymph Side
Nymph Side

All the flies are tied by yours truly and are my favorite flies to use on just about any piece of moving water.

Don’t forget that quail season is right around the corner. Check out a preview of the new ebook Hunting Gambel’s Quail at the Arizona Wanderings Shop.

105 Responses to “Small Stream Fly Box Giveaway…”

  1. Matt Smythe

    Hey Ben.
    I “liked” AZW on FB a while back, so hopefully it still counts as a second chance.
    As for the blog, you’ve got a great balance of stories and pictures going on. And you get out to hunt and fish, which I appreciate a lot.

  2. Landon Loveland

    As a fly fisherman, fly tier, big game hunter (muzzleloader) and sometime quail hunter, I have enjoyed all of your posts. If I had to pick a favorite, I would have to go with the DIY posts like your Altoid fly boxes and revising the caddis pattern to create the Mini-hopper. I appreciate the ingenuity.

  3. Erin Block

    I went back awhile, through your archives, and I read your beginnings, “How I happened upon fly fishing…” That, is one of my favorite posts. I really appreciate the quality of your writing and photos…and how you obviously take time with each piece. Keep on keepin’ on…

  4. Tom Sakai

    I enjoy your site very much. In particular, I study your fly patterns and have adopted the minihopper as one of my stand by flies.

  5. Tim Borkert

    I love the fly box section of your site. Your pictures are beautiful. I appreciate that your hunting post are not just about deer hunting, you include small game. I think this is lacking in today’s hunting media.

  6. Steve Dietzel

    Your fly tying posts are great! I haven’t started tying my own yet, but when I do, I know where to go for some great info!

  7. Ivan

    I have really enjoyed reading about your travels back to your home state to fly fish some home waters not yet fished. I like you discovered fly fishing as a passion after moving away from home and I have yet to return to fish the bass and carp waters of Delaware.

  8. Ivan

    Readers of my comment above – please insert a comma between I and like and a comma between you and discovered. thank you for your patience with my lazy grammar.

  9. Greg

    I like watching your progression in the sport and site’s growth because I started fly fishing about a year after you.

  10. Marc @ Tonto Rambling

    AZ Wanderings is great, it helped me get going on my own blog. I like everything about this blog. I like the mixture of both hunting and fishing. The mini hopper this summer has been the best addition to my fly arsenal since I discovered the leech 3 years ago. I enjoy the writing style and always the great photos added to each story.

  11. Jeff Hedger

    I’ve just discovered your site and really enjoy your postings. I’m also a science teacher and agree that the days we have to enjoy the great outdoors is a wonderful perk. Since I like to sneak some fly-fishing in whenever I travel, and since I’ve promised my wife a trip to the 4-Corners region from our home in NE Oklahoma, I would love to see anything about AZ flyfishing areas in that area. I’m also new to fly-tying…I’m looking for simple and effective fly patterns. Keep it up!

  12. Gary

    Ben, Truly a nice website. I enjoy the stories and photos. The equipment reviews are great. I like the how to instruction you put on your flies. Keep up the good work. I have my boat. When the temperature cools down you have to join me on lake pleasant and chase some bass on a fly rod.

  13. Jake

    It’s been cool to see you mastering the art of fly fishing since you started your blog. I enjoyed the pictures of the last big brown you pulled out from the Rim a few weeks back. Keep the fish pictures coming!

  14. logan

    I have really enjoyed the great pictures and all of the great stories that you have shared with the online community. And on a personal note I am really thankful with how open you are with sharing your tips for success with me. With dove season starting on Thursday I would hope to maybe see a post about that.
    And I just liked AZ Wanderings on FB.

  15. Joe P

    I like looking at your patterns for inspiration to tie my own flies. Maybe in the future you can add some more patterns. Great Blog.

  16. DeWane Tabbot

    I really enjoy the pictures you post of the different places in AZ. your fly patterns are very interesting I plan on odering some of your hopper to use with my tenkra rod, keep up the great job on your site & I hope to bump into you on a stream sometime

  17. cofisher

    I have to say that the mixture of subjects tacked has always impressed me. Also, your willingness to do a good turn for your followers. How’s the fishing around St. John?

  18. Rohan

    Best post by far is when you hunted that pig with a bow! I have no idea how you yanks are so damn accurate with not only a bow but a moving target!

    AZW has just gone from strength to strength over the last few years. Keep up the fine effort Ben.

  19. Greg

    I enjoy both the hunting and fishing posts, even though I don’t hunt. And the mini hopper has been a great small stream fly for me.

  20. leaky waders

    Since I first stumbled across your page, I’ve had “tie mini-hoppers” on my to-do list. It has yet to happen. I don’t know how many times I’ve looked at your tutorial post on tying it, but it has to be a lot.

  21. leaky waders

    liked on facebook. glad, I’ve found my way back here. i don’t rifle through more than 5 or so blogs a day. just too many and little time. OBN brought you back on the radar and for that I’m thankful 🙂 Good to be back.

  22. Keith Roberts


    When searching for info on Oak Creek and other small AZ waters for my Sedona trip last year, i came across your site. Very helpful in making my trip a success. THanks for posting AZ stream info.

  23. Derek B

    Great site. I’m always a fan of pictures of the beautiful fish and game we have in AZ. Nature shots also are a great way to keep me wanting to get away from my computer and get out and find more places to explore.

    I would love to see more patterns and fly tying step by steps on the site. Keep up the great work!!!

  24. Desert Fish

    Still being fairly new to Arizona, I have enjoyed getting to see some of what the state has to offer in terms of fly fishing. I am not able to get out as much as I would like, your site gets updated on a regular basis allowing me to get distracted on a regular basis. I also enjoy your product reviews. Someday I hope to be able to get back into full swing of being able to get back into my hobbies full time. Thanks for keeping up the blog.

  25. Grayghost

    I really enjoy all of your post. You put up really great pictures, your post are always interesting, and I like the look of those mini hoppers. I really need to try those.

  26. Nelson

    Love the site Ben, but i wanna see some more bass!!
    There are great ponds all around Phoenix.
    Keep it up.

  27. fishunter

    Fish and the flies gotta be my favorite part… and the picture of the dogs… I too have an old one and young one.

    As far the site. Great job.

  28. mynameisjohne

    You didn’t need to offer a giveaway to get me to your site…..but here I am again.

  29. Rebecca

    As far as what I like about your blog. First off, I think you’ve done a great job with presentation of your entire blog. It’s very inviting! Secondly, you write great posts, always interesting and entertaining.

  30. Ceamus

    As a fly tyer, I appreciated the “Mini-Hopper Tutorial” post. Sharing your creativity and the step by step with fellow tyers allows us to tie our own (without reverse engineering them), and the shop allows non-tyers the opportunity to purchase a few for their own home waters.

  31. Benny

    Ben, I think you already know I have been enjoying AzWanderings. I’m posting this comment for the free goods… You’ve done a great job with the site, I don’t think you need to change anything, just keep the reviews and stories about your wanderings coming.

  32. Scott Webster

    Love the site. Always look forward to your posts at AZF&T. Those mini-hoppers rock ! They’ve worked well for me this summer. Keep up the good work.

  33. Mike Stanislaw

    Plain and simple, you love fishing for native trout and writing about, and I love fishing for native trout and reading about it.

    Also doesn’t hurt to have a set of mini hoppers in my fly box as my recent go to flies.

    Keep it up!

  34. David Knapp

    Hey, I really enjoy your blog because it just keeps me in touch with Arizona. I spent the ’04-’05 year in AZ and fell in love the fishing and amazing places to explore. I don’t get back much these days but enjoy reading anything about it in places like your blog. Keep up the good work!

  35. Funkeeetrout

    Ben – you are a man after my own heart… Flyfishing and quail hunting! My two favorite outdoor activities. Thanks for all the great reading material and fly tying instructions.


  36. Ty

    Great turn out with the responses. I just want to say thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I find it hard to get out to hunt and fish here in Arizona as often as I use to with three kids, so it is great to be able to live through sites like yours. It also motivates me to get out and experience what were given thank goodness my kids are becoming the age so the summer trips have picked up for us. Thanks for sharing you have a great site which keeps us coming back.

  37. troutrageous1

    Ben – I don’t care for your blog. Really, I can’t stand it. Upon reading it, it makes me feel ashamed of my excuse for a blog.

    Truthfully, you know I’ve been a fan for a while. Being introduced to your stories over at Smallstreams, I’ve always valued your truly honest take on just about every outdoors situation; good (like some of your recent fishing trips), bad (that sinking boat I believe at your honeymoon), or otherwise.

    Plus, I didn’t even know Arizona had water before I read your stuff…

  38. Leo

    I, too, have “liked” you on Facebook. I particularly like your fly tying section as I’m always on the lookout for new, effective patterns. I put together a blog site for my TU chapter and try to include a fly of the month. I’ve bookmarked your blog just in case I ever get out to AZ.

  39. Kev

    I wouldn’t mind seeing more info about fishing near Sedona. I’m not sure if that area is just tourist stocked water or if there are wild trout tucked away in some of the streams. My wife and I checked out the ruins near Walnut Canyon there was a river there that looked like it might hold trout.

  40. Mike Mendez

    Love the pictures and the classy look of the blog.
    Also your reviews are honest and with the items that we have both used, are spot on. Keep it up.

  41. Mark

    I’m always looking at sites/blogs of fly fishermen. I enjoy peoples stories and their photographs. I like gathering info for possible areas I’d like to fish too. One thing I do like to see is what gear others have used successfully and what to stay away from. Great site.

  42. Barry aka long ago

    Love your blog and look foward to reading your adventures. Always a first blog to check in my favorites. Also, the mini-hoppers rock!

  43. Dan AKA driwash

    After reading your blog on your Merriam’s turkey hunt………. Well I got out my old Bear recurve(1964).
    Harder to pull back then back then!!!!!

  44. kc

    I actually stumbled upon your site before i noticed your postings on AZFAT, I came to find the posts both informative, and entertaining! I think it would be cool to see different people w/ posting priveledges, to both get more variety and more posts onto the site! great OG content!

  45. erich

    I like your fly tying section, it was very informative and I like trying new techniques and materials I haven’t tried before.

  46. erich

    Just wanted to let you know I hit the ol’ “Like” button on the facebook thing.

  47. Jon Nelson

    Awesome site!

    Anyone that loves Fly Fishing and the outdoors enough to have a site this great is inspirational to make a site of my own. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  48. David Huntley

    You’ve got some really good step-by-step tying instructions. It must be the schoolteacher thing. 🙂 I also like the honest gear reviews.

  49. Scott Kershaw

    I found AZ wanderings after hunting for some various hopper patterns. To date, one of my favorite hopper patterns is your Mini-Hopper. Great and easy little tie, for sure! Keep up the rocking site!!!

  50. Scott Kershaw

    Oh, I did the “like” thing and I look forward to alerts from the social network. Thanks, again!!!

  51. Bill

    I like the site/blog. It has a good mix. I can relate with only recently, the last year, actually fly fishing. The more useful info I get about equipment, bait, and technique the better I feel when I’m out there.. Thank you for your time.

  52. Tim Calvin

    Love the AZW. One of the few blogs I check every single morning- and one that always inspires me to get out and hunt those fish.
    Also: Mini Hopper is my new go-to fly. For everything. Kills up here in the Northeast.

  53. Trout MaGee

    Thanks for the chance at winning that sweet box full of flies. Great site. I wouldn’t mind a post on some great night fishing techniques 🙂 Tight lines.

  54. Justin @ Foggy Mountain

    Not sure what else I could ask you to write about or do, I just like to read about others adventures in different parts of the US. One day I’d love to make it out your way for some fishing, then maybe I’d have a few more questions or requests.. haha

  55. Brian Davis

    Just Liked your Facebook page. I forgot to mention – fav post from the ones i\I’ve looked at: “Arizona Fly Fishing: Extras” I really like the photos in that post.

  56. Bob Campbell

    I’m enjoying your site. I really like the nice clear , step by step photos on the fly tying section. Makes it easier for those of us who generally go around saying,” But how do you get that to go there?”

  57. Cody

    With a 15 month old at home, I don’t get out much. So I can live somewhat vicariously through your site. I loved the spring backpacking series some time ago.

  58. Cody

    Liked on Facebook as well. Oh and I love the mini hoppers – they’re beautifully done. Can’t wait to throw them. I’m have to work up in Washington state for a few days in October and plan to try them there. Still not sure what water to hit so if you have any suggestions on that I’d love to hear them.

  59. Pam

    The site is a wonderful resource for someone like me, trying to learn all I can about fly fishing. I didn’t start till a year ago but I’ve been hooked since the first time!

  60. Pam

    Just got back from the Like button on Facebook. Great site here and thanks for the opportunity on the gear giveaway!

  61. Henry

    As a new flyfisher and backpacker mainly making short trips to backcountry streams, I enjoy and learn from your trip, how-to and review posts. Maybe my favorites are from when you were beginning because it parallels my current experience. I especially like the Indicator vs. Dropper/Hopper post because it gave me practical insights I could apply to the small water, Tenkara fishing I’m doing.
    Thanks for the excellent writing, topics and photos.

  62. Henry

    Just liked Arizona Wanderings on FB. Looking forward to new info and vicarious adventures.

  63. Jonathan

    Hey, great blog! I found out about it at I love that it is local and shares the love of the outdoors that I feel.

  64. The River Damsel

    I would have to say that your post on your Brown Trout of the summer is my favorite…I love the Browns! And that was an awesome jaw on that fish for a small stream inhabitant! And if your travels include Utah ever…send me a note!

  65. Gaeron

    I don’t know if I can actually pick 1 favorite! I just absolutely love your whole blog! Thanks for all the great posts,


  66. Nathan

    I like that you have taken the time to photograph and describe your Arizona flies. The “My Fly Box” portion of your site is an excellent resource for an Arizona fly-casting newbie.

  67. Mike

    I like your logo. It’s simple, well done, and you get into the blog without a lot of scrolling.

  68. Greg

    Ben, the mini hopper has been a great addition to my arsenal as they are easy to tie, and effective! I just returned from Yellowstone and had some nice success with them for cutties. I, like you, enjoy fishing small streams. The 9-12″ fish are my staple as well, so your fishing adventures are right up my alley. Keep up the great work!

  69. Mike @ MGF

    As much as I love a good read, a blog keeps my attention with good images. You do that well. Keep the good stuff coming!

  70. Steven Smith

    I love basically everything about the blog. Your photos are just crazy good, and you have an awesome (and clean) blog template!

  71. Leigh

    Enjoy your articles. Keep ’em coming!

    I also went to Facebook and Liked AZ Wanderings.

  72. Paul Freeman

    Great blog Ben, look forward to fishing and doing some quail hunting with you. My two favorite outdoor activites.

  73. Scott

    I’ll be honest, I just stumbled upon the sight a few minutes ago so I haven’t had a lot of time to look around. So far it looks like you have done a nice job of putting it together, I look forward to checking it out.

  74. Guys Flies and Pies

    I like that AW gives me a chance to win a cool shirt or a fly box, and that it’s abbreviation “AW” reminds me of my favorite root beer!

  75. AbingdonOutdoors

    I most enjoyed the Fish of the Summer article August 15, 2011. Great article about a catching a large denzien of a smaller water. It doesn’t get more satisfying than that from a sporting perspective.
    Actually, as I mentioned once before, the whole site is really nice with integrated photography. AZ trout are handsome creatures indeed.
    Eric Thiessen

  76. Corey

    Ben, it’s cool to see how you transformed AZ Wanderings from a blog to a website that sells stuff and gives insightful information for us starters. Keep it going! Already been a facebook fan too!

  77. Lois

    Hi Ben,

    I liked AZW on FB. I enjoy reading about your adventures out in our beautiful state. Keep up the good work.

    By the way where do you get your feathers ?


  78. Mike Yavello

    I like that you’re local (for me, anyways). I know some of the spots you go and it’s cool to compare your experiences with mine. The shop is great and full of good stuff. Just picked up your Quail e-book and am looking forward to putting some of the info in it to good practice this fall. Thanks again for doing what you do.

  79. Mike Yavello

    Thought I had already liked you on Facebook, but went there and found out I hadn’t. Took care of that little oversight in short order.