The day dawned bright, cold and dry. Sunny was hesitant to leave the warm confines of her kennel, and I had every article of clothing on as we left the truck. About halfway through the morning, the first flurries showed up, and within the hour the ground had a light dusting of snow. We hunted until one and moved 5 coveys, but decided to call it a day after lunch to give the birds a rest. I had two pretty males in the vest and am not particularly greedy. Sunny barely stirred in the back seat when I stopped for a coffee on the way home.

My truck still has a faint stink of wet dog. I don’t particularly mind.

A couple of male Mearns
A blue bird start to the day
Brady and JJ
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8 Responses to “Snowbirds”

  1. Mark

    Hope to get th Az for the first time next year, heard it was really bad this year and cancelled

    • azwanderings

      It’s been a slow year. But my expectations were low with my new pup. Regardless, we’ve had fun. Like you said, hoping for the right rain and better numbers next year.

  2. Jason Neeley

    Really awesome article. Wished I lived closer so we could get my GSP on some 🙂


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