Sunny’s First Weekend of Mearns

Friday Rain

Sunny and I headed south early on Friday morning to brave the weather and try and find a few Mearns quail. We were both soaked through after the first push, but we persevered and were rewarded with a covey after lunch. By evening, we were both exhausted, soaked, hungry, and ready to rest. We made camp and crashed out shortly after dinner.

With blue bird skies on Saturday morning, we met up with a few friends and their dogs. We made a couple of runs through a few quality canyons and the dogs found plenty of Mearns quail. It filled me with pride to see Sunny work and retrieve. There’s plenty of work yet to polish us both up. We’ll be hitting the hills again soon.

Sunny’s first Mearns. She’s ecstatic. 
More rain.
Drying out at the end of the opener
Sunshine puppy
Mearns quail 
She knows she did all the hard work.
Kyle’s famous tailgate tacos 
Mearns feet
The perfect day to hike the hills
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