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As you may have noticed, the cold weather and heavy snows up north have kept the fly fishing to a minimum this past month, but has allowed me to focus much of my time on hunting Gambel’s quail here in the Valley. All of this quail hunting has really stirred the pot and jumpstarted several of the projects that I alluded to during the URL change of this site. So as kind of a sneak peak of grandiose things to come, here are some of the projects that are in the works and you should be keeping your eyes peeled for.

1. The Quail Hunting Forum – On February 12, 2011, a new quail hunting forum, dedicated to all things quail hunting will be launched. This forum allows for quail hunters to unite and find their voice in discussing quail hunting, bird dogs, conservation, and all other things quail related. Quail are often overlooked for their more distinguished cousins and it is time that a dedicated site be formed. So mark your calendars and be ready to join in the discussion.

Coming February 12, 2011...

2. The Beginner’s Guide to Hunting Gambel’s Quail Ebook – Another project that I have been working on is an ebook that focuses on hunting Gambel’s quail in the Southwest. My email inbox has slowly grown as more questions have been coming in about hunting Gambel’s and basic questions on gear, tactics, field dressing, and recipes. This ebook will take a beginning hunter with no experience from the door of his truck to the bird on the table. It has been a fun writing process, but has also been quite an undertaking as well. More information will be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks and I am looking to be launching the ebook towards the end of February.

Any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated. I look forward to getting more information to everyone in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for your support and patience.


Gambel's Quail

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  1. azwanderings

    Thanks Ryan. I am excited about it too. It is going to be a step by step guide for hunting and preparing Gambel’s quail. I will definitely keep you posted. Great looking site. I look forward to seeing more.


  2. azwanderings

    That’s awesome. Thanks Mike. You need to be taking advantage of your area too. I am sure there are some birds to chase around there. Thanks again.



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