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The Start of It All: First Deer


I used to be a whole lot skinnier when I was 14.  I could not have weighed more than a buck thirty with all my hunting gear on. Now, even though I look back with fondness on being able to run all day on the soccer field, I remember that the Pennsylvania buck season in […]

Rambling Review – Pocket Calls

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Rambling Review – Pocket Calls Why: On my Pennsylvania whitetail hunt in November, I was lucky enough to be sitting in the tree stand right in the middle of the rut. It is important for the bow hunter to have those few items to help get the edge on those older wily bucks that are […]

Rambling Review – Browning Pursuit Jacket


Rambling Review – Browning Pursuit Jacket Why: Even though Arizona is a desert, we still get some fairly serious weather that rolls through the mesas and canyons in our later season hunts. Mornings can start below freezing and the wind can make it feel so much colder. As I started my search for the right […]