Arizona Dove Season

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The sun rising on a morning of dove hunting in Arizona

My brand new baby boy made is appearance on the opening day of Arizona dove season, and subsequently Saturday the 12th was my first day in the field. With mama and the two babies still sound asleep at home, I eased the truck along a bumpy road that lead to a small piece of state trust land. It surely isn’t the greatest spot, but it offers a quick hitter for an hour or two at sunrise. I had packed the necessary fixings for a tailgate breakfast and coffee. Eggs and coffee were not a disappointment.

There was a small window of dove action right at sunrise, but things died down pretty quick. Knowing that there were little ones waiting at home, I called it a morning and made short work of the plucking. You’d be hard pressed to find a better way to spend a Saturday morning in September than hunting doves in Arizona.

Arizona Dove Hunting
Dove hunting
Tailgate Breakfast
Plucking Feathers
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5 Responses to “Arizona Dove Season”

  1. Phil Ames from Nebraska

    Great Way To Start Your Day!
    Congradulations,to you and your Family

  2. Robert

    My favorite time of year. Or is it that first weekend in October? Anywho drop me a line on some other state trust sites I found this year for dove. I’ll be happy to let you in on them if you don’t already know about them. Keep up the great work. Love the blog.

  3. 33AD

    Congrats on the new hunting partner (at least in a few more years)!

    Looks like a great way to spend the morning. Only better when the quail and dove seasons overlap!


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