Arizona Fly Fishing: Autumn Brown Trout

Arizona Brown Trout
Colored up Arizona Brown Trout

It had been a while since I’d seen some moving water, and my understanding wife told me to head north for the day. I was feeling pretty stubborn, and even though there wasn’t a ton of surface activity, I continued to fish hoppers through the day. I managed the fish about as the sun was getting lower in the sky. The colors on this brown defied description, and I took just a moment to appreciate the Creator’s handiwork.

There’s no therapy like standing knee high in a stream with a fly rod in hand.

Brown Trout
Hungry brown on a bushy terrestrial
The last bit of summer hanging on.
Brown Trout
Drippy brown trout
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5 Responses to “Arizona Fly Fishing: Autumn Brown Trout”

  1. Josef

    Of all the fish I have caught the ones I recall most vividly are the colored up browns. That one is a beauty. Nice shot.



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