Arizona Fly Fishing: Oak Creek

Oak Creek

These photos are from a week or so ago on a day when I was able to steal away to Oak Creek. It is not often that I fish by myself these days, as I enjoy the company and it makes it much more affordable to split gas to drive to the high country. I did enjoy the solitude though, and I was able to find some of those beautiful Arizona brown trout that occupy Oak Creek. The summer crowds are gone, but the sun only stays in the canyon for a while as the days grow shorter. Fish came on mini-hoppers although a few rising fish were picky and I switched to a small midge dry fly pattern. I do love this canyon and I’m looking forward to spending some more time fly fishing Oak Creek this winter.

Arizona Fly fishing

oak creek fly fishing

Brown Trout

Brown Trout

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  1. Mel

    Hey, Ben, just wanted to jump in here and let you know that I like the look of the Blog and the changes you have made. Snowed here in Northern Colorado over the past few days, so trips to my “Oak Creek” have been put on hold. Thanks for sharing your “Browns” with us.


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