Arizona Fly Fishing: Summertime

Agua Fria Alchemy

With the temperatures rising all over the state, we made a quick trip to a high elevation stream in the White Mountains. The cicadas are singing in the trees and the fish were looking up, eager to take big bugs. Anything that splats on the water seemed to illicit a response.

Have I told you how much I like this new bamboo rod?

Cicada Shuck
Arizona Brown Trout
Brown Trout
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8 Responses to “Arizona Fly Fishing: Summertime”

    • azwanderings

      No problem Kyle. Looking forward to those tigers in the lakes pretty soon.


  1. Alan

    Nice Ben. It’s been a while since you’ve posted on the high streams. Love to see it. It looks clear and bright. I’ll bet you were in major stealth mode.
    Thanks, Alan

  2. Shawn

    Thanks for sharing. Beautiful places, bamboo rod and trout! What kind of reel did you match to your rod?

    • azwanderings

      Thanks Shawn. The reel is a JW Young and Sons Pridex reel.



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