Arizona Quail Hunting: A day in the field

Gambel's Quail
Gambel’s Quail

Antonio and I found a day last week to meet up and break out of our normal fly fishing mode to do a little quail hunting. We headed to one of his spots and found a whole mess of birds that seemed to not have been hunted this season. As has been the case for the past couple of months, the birds were tough to locate until about 9:30 or 10, at which point the quail started talking to each other. We had a great morning, and between the two of us, we knocked down ten birds.

I guess the one thing that I have learned hunting quail this season is that the birds are there if you are willing to work for them.

Quail Country
Quail Country
Female Gambel's Quail
Female Gambel’s Quail

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