Arizona Quail Hunting: Gambel’s Quail


My morning started out a bit rocky, but things eventually turned out. As the light was just starting to come up. I bent down to duck under the tree and came face to face with a palm sized tarantula. The end of my nose was about 8 inches away from the rock that his hairy arachnid body clung to and for a moment my world stopped. I stifled the “little girl scream” that was rising in my throat and hurried along my way as the spider did the same. I could hear the covey of quail putting and chirping their way through the heavy patch of cholla ahead of me, and when they finally did flush, I was ready. Despite the spider and shirtsleeve full of cholla, it turned out to be a beautiful day hunting Gambel’s quail.

Arizona quail hunting can be tough and this season looks to be only slightly better than last. I am cherishing these mornings where I can get out and stretch my legs while the rest of the city is sleeping in on a Saturday.

Gambels Quail
Gambels Quail
Blaze Orange Gambel's Quail Hat
My new lucky hat
Desert Dweller
Gambel's Quail
A nice batch of Gambel’s

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    • azwanderings

      I hear you Howard. I’ve got so many sandwich bags full of Gambel’s feathers. Let me know if you need some.



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