Arizona Quail Hunting: A Wrong Turn

Gambel's quail
A pair of Gambel’s from the morning

It took about 20 minutes before I realized that I had turned off on the wrong two track. Instead of improving, the trail dumped into a wash and became impassable for the truck. Not wanting to waste an opportunity, I put the truck in park, grabbed my coffee, and opened the door for a quick listen. I was greeted by the sound of a Gambel’s quail covey getting out of their roost tree about a hundred yards away. It was an easy decision to shoulder my vest and grab my shotgun and look at some new country

I scratched out two birds out of the covey and found myself a new hillside to hunt in the future. Sometimes taking the wrong turn takes you to the right place.

Arizona Quail Country
Arizona Quail Country
Coues Deer steaks paired with jalepeno quail poppers


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4 Responses to “Arizona Quail Hunting: A Wrong Turn”

  1. Kirk

    Nice! That is some crazy cool country to hunt upland birds in. How good is the venison off a Coues?

  2. Jeff C.

    Well done, Ben. I’m on my way down next week. Don’t scare them all away before I get there!

    • azwanderings

      Haha. Will do Jeff. Let me know when you get into town and we’ll go find some birds. Take care.



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