Arizona Turkey Hunting: NWTF Juniors Turkey Camp

1 - Turkey
A successful youth hunter

Last year, I had the honor of heading up to the Marvin Robbins Memorial Juniors Turkey Hunting Camp which was hosted by the National Wild Turkey Federation. At the camp last year, I was able to see first hand how the National Wild Turkey Federation partnered with multiple other organizations like the Arizona Game and Fish, Arizona Elk Society, The Phoenix Varmit Callers, and many more, to provide a positive and safe learning environment for young hunters just entering the world of turkey hunting.

Since last year was such a positive experience for me as a mentor hunter, I jumped at the chance to help out again. Rich Williams of the Arizona Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, pours his heart and soul into the Marvin Robbins Memorial Juniors Turkey Hunting camp. The camp provides the youth hunter and an accompanying adult (free of charge):

  • A mentor hunter
  • Free food (courtesy of the Arizona Elk Society)
  • Several seminars on turkey hunting and other outdoor skills
  • Prizes for each youth hunter in camp
  • A fully equipped archery range
4 - NWTF Youth Camp
Marvin Robbins Memorial Juniors Turkey Hunting Camp
5 - Bows
Archery Range
6 - Bow Range
Archery Range
10 - AES Food
Food by Arizona Elk Society
13 - Phoenix Varmint Callers
A seminar on predator hunting by the Phoenix Varmint Callers

The Arizona Game and Fish Department has been working with the species specific organizations (like NWTF, Arizona Elk Society, etc.) to help create camps that pass on the heritage of hunting to the next generation. The AZGFD has a full list of the mentored hunting camps that serve not only youth hunters, but adults as well. They can be found on the Outdoor Skills page of the AZGFD website

I was able to head out with a father and his two sons on Saturday, and we were able to get into some gobbling early on Saturday morning. Although we were never able to seal the deal on the birds, several other youth hunters were successful over the weekend. Being a part of something like the Marvin Robbins Memorial Juniors Turkey Hunting camp is extremely for me as an outdoorsman. Between the camaraderie of camp and the passing on of the hunting heritage, I look forward to participating with the National Wild Turkey Federation Juniors Camp for many years to come.

6 - Feathers
Merriams Turkey
7 - Feathers
Merriams Turkey
8 - Campfire
11 - Tracks
Turkey Tracks
12 - Colburn Turkey
Parker Colburn with his first (of many) Merriams

4 Responses to “Arizona Turkey Hunting: NWTF Juniors Turkey Camp”

  1. Ty

    Thanks for volunteering. I debated going to this camp since it was my daughters first hunt, but opted to hunt further south. We got into the turkeys but couldn’t seal the deal. Keep up the great work you’re doing.

    • azwanderings

      Very cool Ty. The camp is a great way to create some excitement about the hunt and be around other youth hunters. Great job on getting into birds. It is really tough to make that final shot. Maybe we’ll see you there next year. Take care.



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