Blue Skies and Brown Trout

Creamy Brown Trout
Creamy Brown Trout

I struggled to get out of bed Tuesday in order to meet Pete and get to the Rim at a decent time. We were off in short order and were on the creek by 7:30, but the first fish did not come for an hour. While the sun slow baked the valley to a comfortable 110, our day started at a perfect 66 degrees and slowly warmed to the low 80s. It never ceases to amaze me how one can drive an hour and a half and drop 30 degrees. I stuck to the top water throwing a tarantula pattern that had been given to me some time ago, and I found that hugging the bank with the fly would produce good fish. Most all of the fish brought to hand were healthy brown trout in the 10-12 inch range with a few pushing the bounds of 13  inches. It was a short day on the creek but extremely rewarding with the fish and wildlife we saw.

8 Responses to “Blue Skies and Brown Trout”

  1. adam

    I really enjoy your blog!

    It is exactly how I got started a long time ago, fishing, writing and taking pictures of Arizona’s small streams.

    I think you do a really good job, better than most, you capture it.

    Perhaps we will see each other on a stream one day.

    Do keep it up, good style.


  2. bsmith835


    Thank you for your kind words. Coming from you that means quite a bit. I really appreciate what you have done with the smallstreams site and enjoy perusing and reading. I look forward to meeting on the water.


    • adam

      No problem Ben, I meant what I said and thank you.

      I am practicing tenkara in Arizona and am having a lot of fun doing it. I only fish one fly, a “Takayama Sakasa Kebari” and it is ridiculously fun and HARD at the same time. No more matching the hatch, now I must make that one fly work, it’s more like match the way fish are feeding.

      Anyway, we should meet sometime.

      Soon enough we will do a stream side meet, please try to make it, I know life gets in the way but it will be fun.

      Please keep up your blog, I’m having fun reading it.

  3. John

    Great blog! Love the colors on those Browns. Thanks for taking time out to create such a fine read. Looking forward to reading more.

  4. bsmith835


    Thanks. I have found this little gem of a spot and can not believe how well it has produced for me. I only have fished the tip of the iceberg and am looking forward to backpacking in and making it a multi-day trip. Thanks again.


  5. bsmith835


    I’m glad that you checked out my blog. I have enjoyed reading through your adventures in North Carolina as well. Thanks again.


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