Fly Fishing Arizona: It only takes one fish

In all honesty, it only takes one fish to make your day. We have all used the line – “it’s not about catching fish, but more about the experience.” And while I guess there is a small amount of truth to that, no one wants to hike all day and get skunked.

Jake and I had fished a popular stream on the Rim after a killer hike/fish the day before. Our expectations were not high, but they sunk to new lows when we ran across 5 other fisherman working the same creek. Jake had caught one fish and I was looking at a big old zero.  I was pretty sure that was all she wrote. With a couple of other fishermen having worked the water, we started to head back towards the truck.

We were going to pass a good pool and I decided to stop and throw a couple of casts, just to see if I could move anything. A solitary rise had me tying on a hopper as quick as I could. Cast to the middle of the pool and I see a hulking shadow cruising towards my bushy fly. It was one of those slow gulps, like you see on a movie, and when I lifted the rod, the tip pulsed as the big brown ran for the reeds.

It only takes one fish.

Brown Trout
It only takes one fish



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11 Responses to “Fly Fishing Arizona: It only takes one fish”

  1. Adam

    Great fish. Now all I have to do is go out and fish some waters. Thanks for the great reports.

  2. Andrew Fowler

    That’s a good fish! So true on the “one fish” thing. Even if it’s a small one, there’s a line in your journal that said you suceeded.

  3. long ago

    Great fish. I love it when you catch a fish out of a pool that was fished.

    • azwanderings

      Thanks Barry. We need to get out and fish sometime.

  4. Keith Jones

    NICE! We fished Silver Creek a couple of weeks ago. Pulled a lot of fish out of there, but none even thought about being THAT BIG!


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