Fly Fishing Arizona: Windy

Fly Fishing Arizona

Jake and I met up for a quick day of fishing. The morning started beautiful and cold, and about the time we had our fly rods strung up, the wind started. It howled on us the rest of the day and made casting either direction a bear. Many of the pools had ice and it leads me to believe that the high country really is about to close up. Jake saved us from complete skunk and pulled this beautiful brown out of a deep pool. Great day in the outdoors, but cold and very windy.



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  1. jack crowley

    Ben- longtime friend of Uncle Gary Sumner! See him in Tucson in March. From NY,fished Ausable etc out of Saranac Lake. Seattle now- fish our desert a lot! Let me know if you get up this way! all best, Jack

    • azwanderings


      Great to hear from you. Same to you if you make it down to Arizona.



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