Furled leaders and a few early gifts…

Drying Station Front

My break has been filled with shotguns and fly rods and even though our usually clear skies are gone and replaced with rainclouds, I have been busy with some smaller projects. After my furled leader performed flawlessly on a blustery day at Oak Creek, I decided that I had to have some more. So I headed to my friend Bo’s house to rig up a few more and I happily walked away with several gorgeous leaders, spun by my own hand. Bo himself is an extremely talented carpenter and graciously gifted me one of his beautiful fly drying stations. This small piece is just a taste of the work that he has done as his fly tying corner is centered around a beautiful tying station.

Fly Drying Station
More Furled Leaders

Bo also is stating to make his own fly fishing lanyards and as we were talking I mentioned my minimalistic approach to fly fishing, Bo quickly whipped up a perfect “belt hook” for some summer fishing. I think this lanyard would work well for those warm days wet wading in the small streams of Arizona. A big thanks to Bo for his hospitality and gifts.

Belt Hook

3 Responses to “Furled leaders and a few early gifts…”

  1. Shoreman

    A good start on Christmas gifts. Being a woodworker myself, I can tell you, Bo is a gifted person and does beautiful work. Merry Christmas from Northern California.


  2. Mike

    Hmmmmm…. I really like that belt hook idea. May have to try something like that myself. THANKS for the great idea!!!

    Happy Holidays, my friend!!!

  3. troutrageous1

    The tenkara guys have been all chatting about furled leaders, thinking I might give it a try as well. Perhaps we’ll have to trade notes.

    Agree with Mike. That belt hook is pretty slick. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas!


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