Golden Stonefly Pattern: The Splashything Stonefly

Golden Stonefly
Golden Stonefly

Last summer I was lucky enough to go and visit my good friend Eric from for a beautiful week on the Deschutes River. God smiled on me and I was able to fish some big foam patterns to match the golden stonefly hatch on this great river. The one golden stonefly pattern that really seemed to do the trick was my Splashything Stonefly. Smack this on your local river and see what happens. I put together a short tutorial here, or, if you aren’t interested in messing around with foam and hair at the vise, you can purchase a 3 pack in the Arizona Wanderings Shop.

Skwala Fly Pattern
Splashything Stonefly

Buy a 3 pack of Splashything Stoneflies

Skwala Stonefly Fly Pattern
Splashything Stones as far as the eye can see…
Skwala Stone Pattern
Tell me that doesn’t look tasty…
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2 Responses to “Golden Stonefly Pattern: The Splashything Stonefly”

  1. Rainbow Chaser

    Ben, sure look great to me. I can see why trout all over would want to smack them Stones to pieces! Will be getting an order out to you after my move to Colorado in early May!


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