In the Absence of Fishing…

I was not able to make it up North on Saturday, and instead spent an hour or so at Lake Pleasant on Saturday morning. The lake was low and I am guessing that it dropped at least 30 feet since I saw it in the spring. Fish we active in the middle of the lake but being stuck on shore was unproductive and miserable. So I opted instead to spend my weekend tying some flies.

2 Responses to “In the Absence of Fishing…”

  1. winonaflyfactory

    Poppers look excellent! You should tutorial the head/foam part of that bad boy, I think I have everything else figured out but that head part looks a bit tricky. That would be for my benifit of course, if you get time. Anyways, good looking pictures. Hope you find fish soon.

  2. bsmith835

    Sure thing. I should actually have some time tonight or tomorrow to get something together. I will admit that these have not been field tested, but, in my limited experience, bass are fairly forgiving if they are keyed in on that topwater action. I look forward to getting out and putting these on the lakes. Thanks again.



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